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Carlie : Sunset

Release Date: 2016-04-09, Duration: 03:14

Ok guys, before you watch this video we need to advise you: that it’s not all that explicit….yes, you do get a little close up of Mr. X fucking carlie, but…. In actuality it’s Brig’s artistic project, and honestly he’s a real romantic kind of guy. Carlie and Mr. X have an intense chemistry…. The sun filters softly through the windows onto Carlie’s lovely face while she writhes with pleasure and pain. The video isn’t long, but it’s powerful. And, if you appreciate artistic photography, you HAVE to watch it!  A romantic soundtrack. Comment and let me know…..What’s YOUR soundtrack? Classical, Rock, Metal, Jazz?? Hard or soft? What’s your favorite song in bed?? Sex is so much more than just sex…..casual sex is awesome. Deep, ecstatic, romantic sex is so much more…do our members know both?  This, will be controversial, some members will LOVE this video, some may want more…. But, imagine, YOU, are Mr. X, what would you do to Carlie? Thanks for watching. XOXO Love, Coco

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