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Age: 20
Country: Czech Republic

This is Coco writing this description, so I’m going to write from a girl’s point of view.. Kristen walked in the door of our Prague apartment looking just SO perfectly cute (like some cute girl that lived next door to you that you had a serious crush on). I know guys think some girls are much hornier than others…well, it’s true (me for one) but Kristen is way hornier than most girls (did I emphasize WAY HORNIER?)! Anyway, she had an orgasm during her solo masturbation video and again with the clear dildo that she brought along for the shoot. Then she came a few times while fucking her boyfriend for the camera and AGAIN when her two friends jumped on the bed and we shot our first x-art four-way! I’m telling you, it was getting pretty hot shooting this cutie. And, she’s all wrapped up in a perfect, seemingly shy, freckled, green-eyed, petite brunette package, who speaks sweet broken English with a soft Czech accent. Kisses from x-art for soft-speaking, hard-cumming and hard working Kristen!

Videos with Kristen

x-art_kristen_much_needed_vacation_1 (1) 11:09 HD

Kristen : Much Needed Vacation

6626 view(s) 2 likes 2016-04-09

x-art_kristen_pink_on_the_inside_1 04:58 HD

Kristen : Pink on the Inside

5431 view(s) 5 likes 2016-04-09

x-art_kristen_girl_next_door_1 05:27 HD

Kristen : Girl Next Door

6731 view(s) 9 likes 2016-04-09

x-art_kristen_ivy_lovely_lovers_1 15:49 HD

Kristen and Ivy : Lovely Lovers

2787 view(s) 2 likes 2016-03-29

x-art_kristen_happy_couple_1 18:31 HD

Kristen : Happy Couple

6364 view(s) 4 likes 2016-03-28

x-art_kristen_in_bed_1 10:54 HD

Kristen : In Bed

8076 view(s) 2 likes 2016-03-27

x-art_kristen_working_out_together_1 14:07 HD

Kristen : Working Out Together

7573 view(s) 10 likes 2016-03-26

x-art_kristen_ivy_morning_meditation_1 12:18 HD

Kristen and Ivy : Morning Meditation

9494 view(s) 2 likes 2016-03-23

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